There is no such thing as bad publicity

One of the big frustrations of my life was not to be cited in those books that regularly come out in France and complain about economists being stupid, ignorant, or evil lackeys of capitalism. This always gave me a sense of failure. For this reason, I am happy to learn that I am one of the “architects of the ongoing disaster”. It gives me a sense of power, at least for fifteen minutes. You can read it here and have fun.


One thought on “There is no such thing as bad publicity

  1. “He should have begun with a personal and professional mea culpa and a series of frank admissions as to what caused him and his discipline to fail yet again and cause such great harm to the world. That’s what a representative of a “modest” field that has so very much to be modest about would do.”

    Maoist approach to public debate has not changed much over years. Bad guys should always begin with a good public self-criticism, recognizing that they are wrong and their bad behavior causes harm to the whole society.

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